Polar H7 heart rate sensor is water resistant. The GymLink technology can be used in water activities, but Bluetooth® wireless technology will not work in water. Please notice that sea and pool water are very conductive, and electrodes may short-circuit, preventing ECG signals from being detected by the heart rate sensor. When using a bathing suit, the best


Compra online Polar H10 Sensor de frecuencia cardíaca - ANT+, Bluetooth, ECG resistente al agua con banda elastica pectoral - Negro Talla M/XXL. Envío en 1 día GRATIS con Amazon Prime.

The Fitbit Iconic, Garmin Vivosmart HR, and Tom Tom Spark 3 all had the same level of agreement (r c =89). The Polar H7 chest strap was the most accurate, and the Apple Watch was superior among watches. Basis Peak heart rate monitoring device worn with standard ECG, Polar H7 chest monitor and one other wrist monitoring device. Let's take the two heart rate sensors H7* and H9* of the brand Polar and look at the differences. Heart rate measurement.

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Polar H7 has Bluetooth Smart Support which can give your heart rate on sports watch, compatible gym equipment or phone app. Hook up your fitness app, like Polar Beat for example, or your Polar Loop activity tracker with Polar H7 and get live, accurate heart rate while you train. You can use Polar H7 with a number of Polar products and compatible gym equipment. Compatible with dozens of fitness apps and Polar Loop activity Produktinfo.


FL-700 WR. FL700WR. Beräknas in 2021-04-01.

Hybrid Polar H7-bälte, lämplig för alla moderna smartphones med Allt fungerar som utlovat, ett riktigt EKG spelas in, vilket motsvarar det klassiska första 

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Polar H7 works with a EKG measurement. For the Polar OH1 rely on the Optical technology. In general the measurement via ECG is considered more accurate. Thus the Polar H7* is equipped with the more accurate technology.
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Our validation paper comparing camera based acquisition, Polar H7 (chest strap) and electrocardiography (ECG) was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. The paper is titled "Comparison of heart rate variability recording with smart phone It's important to make sure that the Polar H10 is "ECG accurate" given what we saw in our Sensors study, since the H7 can "under-read" the a1 at uncorrelated levels.
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Polar H7 heart rate sensor is part of a complete system. When used with a compatible smartphone, it will require an application supporting heart rate functionality for Bluetooth 4.0 low energy. H7 can also communicate with Polar compatible fitness equipment & Polar 5kHz training computers.

Overall, RR interval signal qualities of 94.6% and 99.6% were demonstrated for the medilog ® AR12plus and the Polar H10. During the high-intensity activities, the RR interval signal quality of the medilog ® AR12plus dropped to 89.8%, whereas the Polar H10 maintained a signal quality of 99.4%. 2021-03-04 Connect your ECG sensor.


The device was worn together with either the Polar H7 or the Mio Alpha. The ECG Necklace was used to extract reference RR intervals from ECG data. The algorithm used to extract RR intervals (i.e. to perform beat detection) is based on continuous wavelet transform, and …

H7 can also communicate with Polar compatible fitness equipment & Polar 5kHz training computers. Polar H7 is a heart rate monitor which uses an ECG sensor to track our heart rate.So it gives us accurate results of our heart rate data. It supports Bluetooth transmission, GymLink transmission and is also compatible with all Polar fitness watches.The chest strap is comfortable to wear and is washable too. The Polar H7 chest strap had the greatest agreement with the ECG (r c =98). This was followed by the Apple Watch III (r c =96).